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About Us:
Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

Great Biomaterials was founded with a single mission in mind: to tackle the environmental crisis caused by plastic pollution. The founders had seen firsthand the devastating impact that traditional plastics were having on the planet, and they knew that something had to be done to address this urgent issue.

With a deep passion for sustainability and a commitment to finding innovative solutions, the team at Great Biomaterials set out to research and develop materials that could replace traditional plastics. Over the years, they were able to create a range of products, including recycled materials, compostable materials, and bioplastics that were not only environmentally friendly but also high-performing.

Great Biomaterials quickly gained a reputation as a leader in the field of sustainable materials. Their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation helped them to create marine-degradable biomaterials that could help protect our oceans and eco-friendly resin products that were both powerful and sustainable.

Today, Great Biomaterials continues to drive innovation in the field of sustainable materials, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Their vision and mission are clear: to create high-performing products that are also sustainable and to lead the movement towards a more environmentally responsible future. With their dedication to the cause and their unwavering commitment to sustainability, Great Biomaterials is poised to make a real difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

Company’s Content

We use our engineering expertise to create functional sustainable plastics, including

  • Compostable plastics
  • Recycled plastics
  • Biobased plastics

Great Biomaterials provides compounding, pelletizing and applications development services for producers who are looking for high performing sustainable materials.

We can make them:

  • Clearer
  • With/Broader temperature resistance
  • Better toughness
  • Adjustable compostability
  • Flame retardant

Markets Served

  • Packaging & Logistics


  • Beauty & Cosmetics


  • E-commerce



    Packaging & Logistics


    Beauty & Cosmetics




    Food & Beverage




    Electrical & Electronic


    Food & Beverage




    Electrical & Electronic


Resin Manufacturing

Environmentally Friendly Resin Manufacturing

Resin manufacturing is the process of producing synthetic or natural resins, which are widely used in various industries such as coatings, adhesives, plastics, and more. The process typically involves mixing and heating raw materials, which can vary depending on the type of resin being produced. The resulting product can have a range of properties such as strength, durability, and chemical resistance.

Custom Compounding

Rendering High Performance Properties Possible

Sustainable materials are becoming increasingly important in various industries as the need for environmental responsibility grows. However, finding sustainable materials with high performance properties can be a challenge. Custom compounding is a process that can solve this issue by combining sustainable materials to create a product with specific performance properties. We are able to the development of high-performance sustainable materials that can be tailored to specific applications. We provide sustainable materials with custom compounding to meet their performance requirements while also reducing their environmental impact.

Applications Development

Sustainable and Reliable Production

Rendering high performance properties possible through the use of sustainable materials is a concept that has gained increasing attention in recent years. As we strive to minimize the impact of industrial processes on the environment, the use of sustainable materials has become a priority in many industries. This includes the development of sustainable alternatives for traditional materials that offer high performance properties. By utilizing these materials, industries can reduce their carbon footprint, improve the sustainability of their products, and meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly environmentally conscious.

Material Sourcing

Finding a Suitable Fit

We offer our expertise to help you find a suitable fit that meets all of your requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions and exceptional service to ensure your complete satisfaction. Kindly contact us to discuss your specific needs in detail. We’re committed to helping you find the perfect solution that fits your unique requirements.


GREAT starts an upcycling business and works for returning plastic waste materials to the plastic cycle.
We cooperate with recycling manufacturers who have advanced sorting machines and regularly inspect the materials ourselves.
Enhance the performance and quality of recycled materials with our compounding and modification technologies.

Biobased materials are renewable alternatives to fossil based plastic.
Our feedstock is bio-waste, such as bagasse and shell, that would not compete with food. Since the source is plant-based, CO2 is consumed by the source throughout its lifetime as part of its natural lifecycle as opposed to a fossil baed materials.

Compostable materials refer to materials that can be decomposed by microorganisms into natural substances. Compostable materials are a subset of biodegradable materials that can be processed in a specified manner in order to produce compost, typically recognized as a nutrient rich soil or fertilizer. Plastic that is made up of biodegradable or compostable materials are increasingly used in disposable products, also known as single use plastics.

Technology Incubation

At Technology Incubation, we are dedicated to leading the industry in sustainable plastic solutions. Our team of engineers and scientists is committed to developing cutting-edge materials that are not only eco-friendly but also durable and high-performing. We achieve this through talent development and collaboration with universities, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable materials development. Our ultimate goal is to become the driving force behind the industry’s shift towards a more sustainable future

Transforming Sustainable Manufacturing

Our goal is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by providing sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials.

Power of Sustainable Resin

We develop technologies dedicated to commercial applications of sustainable plastics, starting with compostable polymers and expanding to recycled and biobased plastics so as to offer various resins suitable for a broad range of processing technologies.

Ultra-high-performance Innovation

We aim to create innovative materials with high performance properties that are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our focus is on using the latest cutting-edge technology to develop and produce sustainable materials for a better future.

Revolutionize Industry

Our ambition is to lead the way in sustainable materials development and revolutionize the industry with our innovative solutions.


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